It's time again for MAC TV Network's annual Monster Movie Competition!

Official Rules: Each team (teams can be any size) will make a short film (10 minutes or less) with a monster theme. The competition ends October 26, 2018.

Films must contain NO profanity (thus including but not limited to: dam*, he*l, sh*t, f*ck, and any other recognized profanity/inappropriate gestures, swearing may NOT be bleeped out, instead it must be avoided altogether). No nudity/sexual situations are permitted and films must be no more than PG-13 in rating for violence only.

(Note: since this event is open to minors, contestants must restrict their films to contain only appropriate content for such age ranges).

Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate disqualification.


Films are due by 5pm on October 26, 2018.


Films will be uploaded at the bottom of this form and sent to us through Google Drive.  If you have upload issues please submit form without upload and send us a youtube link or arrange to bring your video in on a thumbdrive.


To take part in the film competition competitors must be at least 12 old or older if they are using MAC TV's Equipment (note: children under 12 years of age may still act in films with parents’ consent).


MAC TV is not responsible for any damage done to persons or property that you do for/during this competition. All music/sound effects/special effects/or any other elements used in your films must be your own creations, public domain, royalty free, or you must have permission to use them from their creator. Please do not use popular music as it is copyrighted. Contact MAC TV Staff for royalty free music options.


Registration is FREE and done by filling out the below form. Please do not fill out the form until your movie is complete and uploaded through this form or other method arranged.


MAC TV Staff Contact information:

Phone: 989-773-9730

Operations & Administration Director Carey Hammel -

Monster Movie Competition Director Eleanor Etienne -

For official rules/registration visit

(Google/Gmail account required to fill out registration)



MAC TV Network

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