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Equipment Training

Class Information

In order to use MAC TV Network resources you must attend a certification classes. Classes are free and open to any member of the public, but must be completed before you can use the equipment. If you are a resident of any member community, age 12 or older, you can become a MAC TV Network Qualified Access User.


During the class we will go over rules, regulations, and equipment usage, including remote camera operations, check out procedures, video editing, and playback.

Class Registration

Classes are not on a set schedule, but are offered by demand.

To sign up for a class, you may either call the studio at (989) 773- 9730 or send an email with your Name, Phone Number, and what day would work best for your training to info@mactvnetwork.org.

Online Training

Please use the below videos as a refresher course on our Panasonic or Sony Cameras.